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One of our Primary Skills and Services at Atomic Design Studio is web design. Allow us to fill you in on the basic process we go through at Atomic when you give us a ring about a job you would like done.

web design and implementation

First of all, we would like to get a basic idea of what you want in a web site. These are the types of questions we will be asking:

We can help you make many of these decisions, and in asking the questions, we just want to get an idea of your thoughts. People often have an idea in their heads, but do not know the specifics, and we can help you clarify your thoughts into a firm vision.

Following our first conversation, we will prepare an estimate for you. Once you have approved the estimate, we will draw up a specific contract for your site or project.

When you have signed and returned the contract, we will create a draft of your project. Depending on what you think of the proposed layout, we can proceed through a couple of rounds of revision if necessary and finalise the look and feel of your site.

Once the draft revision process has been completed, we proceed to add and finalise the content (text, graphics, etc.) of your site. Depending on your individual needs, other steps may be required before final publication of your site – such as the creation of templates allowing you to update your web site at any time from your home or office.

Throughout the creation of your site, we will be referring back to you occasionally, but after most of the big decisions have been made, we will come back to you with a finished product within the agreed amount of time.