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Welcome to Atomic Design Studio's web site. Atomic Design Studio is a dynamic Web & Multimedia Development team located in The Entrance on the New South Wales Central Coast (Australia), and can create a web design package and hosting solution to suit your various needs. At Atomic Design Studio, we realise that not everyone's web site requirements are the same, so we treat every person uniquely and with the respect they deserve.


At Atomic Design Studio, our primary focus is the design, development and hosting of good looking, fast loading and functional web sites. From a simple, static, two or three page web site, through a multi-page, interactive, Macromedia Flash site, and on to a full e-commerce online store, Atomic can design and implement the site specifically made to suit your organisation’s needs.

Atomic Design Studio provides:

With an increasing number of potential clients looking to the Internet for additional information on products and services, Atomic can assist you to make your online presence known. Some examples of possible uses of a web site for your business are:

We strive to treat our clients on an individual basis, not assuming that you will have the same needs or ideas for your web site as ‘the average Joe’ or, for that matter, the same as your competitors. We listen with open ears during consultations, and by providing creative ideas, good, sound advice, and thorough knowledge of Internet technologies, we aim to put our customers first. By working with you and your staff, and by providing first-class attention to detail, a web site created by Atomic Design Studio is sure to please.

secondary services

Our skills are not purely limited to web services, but pretty much anything that is multi-media oriented, or visually creative. Our non-web-based portfolio is also on this site and our abilities include digital image editing, digital sound editing, digital video editing, kiosk development, multimedia development and interactive disks (CDs, DVDs, etc).

You may be interested about some of the innovative tools available, but unsure of where to start. No matter what stage of planning you are at, please feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you with your requirements.

worried about asking questions?

Throughout our site we have tried to make the information as comprehensive as possible, but we welcome any questions that you may have. Computer technology is like most other things in life – the more questions you ask, the more you will learn. Feel free to visit our contact page and give us a ring if you like, or leave a message via our feedback form.

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