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Atomic Design Studio can perform a broad range of additional services for you ranging from image editing, through to the creation of a full multimedia project.

secondary services

image editing

We can perform basic to advanced image editing functions as varied as logo creation, brochure design, red-eye elimination, teeth whitening, etc. The list of abilities we have with image editing is too extensive to list in detail here, so why not give us a call to find out what we can do for you.

sound editing

At this time we do not have any examples of sound editing available on our web site for you to listen to, but we would like to give you some examples of the possibilities that exist with sound editing at Atomic Design Studio.

We can:

video editing

We have basic video editing facilities and are able to perform a broad range of video editing tasks such as:

kiosk development

The typical example of a 'Kiosk' is a 'touch screen' display. Kiosks can be used for both the giving of information (Tourism, Job Seekers, etc.) or the collecting of information (Local Councils, Government Bodies, Corporations, etc.) Atomic can develop the interface you require for your kiosk, however we are not a hardware supplier and require you to obtain your own touch screen computer systems.

interactive cd's & dvd's

Atomic can design interactive CD's and DVD's for you to send to your clients or family and friends. Examples range from Company Information or Product Catalogues through to Wedding Albums and Family Photos or Memorabilia.


Multimedia is a general term usually used to describe sound and visualisations, however technically multimedia is simply the combining of more than one media type – audio, video, text, images, etc. Atomic Design Studio are able to create multimedia presentations for your organisation such as interactive information discs, PowerPoint presentations, screen savers, animated logos, etc.