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Welcome to our Help Page. Firstly we would like to explain some of the technologies used in our site, and how they may effect your browsing experience:

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We hope that we have made a good effort at creating a web site which is able to be viewed and accessed by everybody, however we're not 100% sure. It looks great to us, but if you find the site hard to read or navigate, we'd really appreciate it if you could let us know how we can improve it. We have attempted to ensure that there is sufficient contrast, that text is able to be resized via your browser settings and other methods of aiding your experience. One of the things we have done to assist with navigation is implementing the use of 'accesskeys'. If you use accesskeys, you can read more about which keys we have assigned to what.

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About Atomic

Atomic Design Studio is a Multimedia and Web Development team formerly based in the thriving, regional, twin cities of Albury (NSW) and Wodonga (VIC), and now situated in East Gosford on the NSW Central Coast, although we have clients from as far away as Sydney, Perth and Geelong.... Read more about Atomic Design Studio

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Confused about Web Design? Looking for simple answers? Contact us today for a jargon free, hassle free solution to your Internet or Multimedia needs.

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Pause Animation
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Pause Animation
Pause Animation
Resume Animation
Resume Animation